Written by Nick Haggar,Camille Miller and Caetano Malta- This song came about a few years back when Nick and I started writing it…At the time it was when Michael Jackson’s ranch NEVERLAND had been under investigation…I think we were just writing about the weird and dark things that seem to happen in our world…I picked it back up last year when writing for Fight or Flight, and luckily this subject was easy to put to modern day WEIRDNESS…
The video was shot in my garden here in Sao Paulo and combined with a bunch of really cool iPhone footage Cassio Crior took whilst skateboarding around the city!

Music video for Neverland performed by Camille Miller.
(Miller/Haggar/Malta) video shot in Sao Paulo,Brazil by Cassio Cricor and Assisted by Julito Cavalcante.Edited by Lucci Antunes.
Saiu o 1o clipe do albúm FIGHT or FLIGHT-gravado e mixado no Studio Minduca por Bruno Buarque com assistência luxuosa do Lenis Rino,Masterizado por Brian Lucey’s Magic Garden Mastering e produzido por Caetano Malta.