Camille Miller sounds like the missing link between Hunky Dory era Bowie and Blur with a guitar sound straight out of the Elastica play book

In late 2016 Camille Miller released “Fight or Flight”, her 7th studio album which marked a new sonic direction – a true amalgamation of her significant career experience to date. She has traversed the world with her life and music, and along the way picked up musical elements that she has expertly distilled in to this latest release. Labelled as “Braz-Pop” by one reviewer, this new sound fuses Brit-Rock influences with Miller’s roots in North American pop songs, and combines with Caetano Malta’s (Producer) Brazilian styled guitar, horns and percussion.

Born in Germany and raised on military bases all over Canada, Camille was brought up on a hearty diet of Motown, Carly Simon, The Carpenters, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder and the Rolling Stones. With the sound of these greats of yesteryear oozing from the young Camille Miller, she released her debut solo 6 track EP “Things People See”.

It marked the start of a life-long partnership with notable Vancouver Island producer Rick Salt (Irish Rovers, David Gogo, Leeroy Stagger).

Since then a regular stream of releases has peppered her career. Camille’s blend of whisper-to-a-roar vocal dynamics and onstage charisma quickly won over industry heavyweights as well as audiences. Manager Bruce Allen (Michael Buble, Bryan Adams) helped her get a foothold in the UK through numerous tours, while indie labels like Sound of Pop, Sugar Shack and Synergy went on to release her six diverse studio albums worldwide.

A prolific collaborator, Camille has worked with the likes of Nicholas Hagger with whom she wrote and recorded her first three albums, Doug Elliot (Odds), Pat Steward (Bryan Adams), and has contributed as a writer and vocalist to a host of major label albums in both North America and Europe. She co-wrote and delivered vocals to “Lost” by US based Electronica group Baligomingo (BMG/RCA), and wrote and sang four songs on Polish pop icon Robert Chojnacki’s “Saxophonic” album (BMG Poland). This experience culminated in performing with Chojnacki and the Baltic Symphony Orchestra and helped build a signficant fanbase in Poland and Eastern Europe.

2017 could be her busiest year yet with regular shows in Sao Paulo and across Brazil, coupled with dates lined up in the UK, Poland, Canada and USA. As Camille moves to the East coast of America later this year, her Guilty Bird Band will continue to deliver a passionate and rousing set of music in more countries than ever, and there’s no doubt Camille Miller will continue her global trend of turning unwitting strangers into life long fans.