New ‘Roots-Pop-Rock’ 2024

Hello Friends and Foes,

Thank you for checking in here to see if I am up to anything interesting…

In January I had my first live show in Lisbon, and I am so grateful for this experience…I now have the fire lit under my seat to carry on and find more friends to make music with.My good friend and amazing guitar player, Caetano Malta ( produced my 2017 album Fight or Flight) hooked me up with an amazing Brazilian drummer for this intimate show and for 40 minutes w played our hearts out.

The end of January I started recording an 11 track Roots-Pop-Rock album.I will release a single or 2 first, but hope to have the album finished in time for this summer…I learned something from the last project I worked on…I learned the importance of having everything ‘ready’ before putting out the album, most times I get so excited, I basically throw it up online straight away, and then suffer when it comes to trying to promote it…I plan to look for some help to put this album out properly…Its a soulful  roots-y sound, and I think it deserves to have some support behind it as far as getting HEARD…There is so much music in this world now, it’s a struggle to stick out….So this is what I will be working on.


Whilst working on this new album, I got the chance to be on this very fun You Tube channel.

Way to go to Anna Szczykutowicz     for coming up with this funky-pop-cultural Game show, where everyone TRULY is having a blast…It’s addictive!

Much love,



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