A Song for our Sons

Hello everyone,

I hope as you read this, wherever you are, you are happy and healthy.I hope the constant barrage of news is not keeping you down,I hope you have some people close by to hug and hang out with.I hope you feel positive about some things…This is a good start.

I made a little video to share a track off of my 2019 EP titled ‘A Song for our Sons’.

A little bit of love for all of our boys.

A song for our Sons

I also wanted to share an online show I was recently part of.
I work with a fabulous record company here in Singapore, called Flipside PM. I am amazed with the music and the lovely people  associated with Hangi Tavakoli’s project and consider this guy a great friend.

After my tracks, please have a listen to LOTTIE (FIRST time ever performing her music live…) with Jurine Chia supporting her on guitar.

Then Rine Avery (who celebrated her 17th birthday just before the show) again with the amazing Jurine Chia on guitar…Finally, we get to hear Jurine sing and play and serenade us with an original track in Mandarin…Which brought me to tears.

Thank you to Amanda and Eunice from Flipside who put the WHOLE show together including arranging permission from the Singapore government and making sure we followed the rules…

Thank you Flipside!

Pre Show Fun!



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