Deep Thoughts with KMS Reviews

Hello my friends,

I had been feeling a bit down lately as far as music goes, and needed to kick myself in the butt and get back at it.

I am still waiting for a green light regarding a gig in May, but for now I have some great interviews to share and I have a lot of thanks to give for some recent radio support.

Thank you for still coming back to listen and read these updates.


Thank you to Florian from KMS Reviews.

Recently, Florian reviewed my track Nobody’s Listening.

He really wrote some lovely and inspiring words, and for this I am very grateful.It’s tough these days writing blogs as people seem to have less and less time or interest in reading them. This is not true in every aspect, just seems this way for some music bloggers!

Not only did his review of my track help, but he also spent some time and did an interview with me.

Thank you Florian for your dedication to Independent music everywhere and to your dedication to the written word as well as your adaptability in this visually motivated time!!!

I also wanted to give a massive shout out to Syltra Lee, The Underground Singapore and Noel Boyd for putting together an amazing series this month talking about the importance of Mental Health and Music.

I am happy to share how important I think the Arts are not only for artists, but also for the people who take part in receiving the art! Its a WIN WIN and we need to get it back.


A huge and heartfelt shout out to DJ Mark Xtreme from EJazz Radio for adding Nobody’s Listening and HeartPain into regular rotation.I am thrilled with this, and truly would love to hang out some day…You made me laugh SO much during this interview…Thank you for all of this.

We also had a great chat a few weeks back, which you can find here:

And my FINAL love and warm fuzzy thoughts go to my favourite LOCAL radio station in Nanaimo BC, Canada where I am from and am MISSING horribly.

Thank you to 101.7 CHLY Harbour City Beat for the years of constant musical support. Even though I am so far away, every couple of weeks,  Brian Hazelbower and Dave Studer play one of my tracks and for a good hour, I am tucked back in with some amazing local musicians…I love it. Thank you so very much!


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