Nobody’s Listening…But I Dream On!!

Photo: Bego Hualde/ Dress: Fiona Foord

Hello Everybody,

I was trying to be funny with my title…But whenever I do that, it never really comes across as funny…always comes across as a bit depressing and totally negative.I’d like to say that this is my specialty, this kind of humour, but again, not funny!

I am VERY happy that a LOT of people are listening…At least this week, and at least at this moment…SO I will take it, and try to keep a hold of a few of you.

Thank you all for the incredible support of my latest single “Dream On” which you can find here

I received a message from SPOTIFY this morning telling me I HAVE 500 FOLLOWERS. It was in ALL CAPS, and as my eyes cleared and could start to see the small print on my phone I got a little excited.

Now I know I DON’T have 500 people following…That is a ridiculous thing to think or believe, but what it means is that there are 500 people who ACCIDENTALLY found my music, and DECIDED of their own free will, to maybe just give it another GO!

…Dream on with you… Photo:Bego Hualde

Now one of those people is of course ME…I follow myself, play my songs over on repeat for nights on end…etc etc, all the healthy things that artist do these days BUT, I read on SPOTIFY ( on the that if a listen comes repeatedly from the same device its ONLY COUNTED ONCE!! I do admit I wish I had known that before I streamed my own single for three nights…So again, it means, there are other people out there! THANK YOU other people…all 499 of you!

Dream On was is a collaboration with Hangi Tavakoli…He gave me The track and The beat, and I got to making a melody and a story to this piece of music…I also got to record my vocals, which was a first for me, so I have been really nervous about the whole thing…Hangi mixed and mastered it and Bego Hualde created the visuals…


Below are a bunch of tracks that YOU all have picked out to be your favourite. I am very grateful you have been listening, and am hoping this music inspires you ALL to Dream on, and Remember, even when it feels like Nobody’s Listening…There ARE people out there who have your back and who believe in you, and LIKE your jokes and enjoy spending time with you…There are friends who love to have a coffee with you, drag you out of bed to go and work out, listen to you OVER dramatise EVERYTHING…YOu have family that thinks about you non-stop, children who need you, CHILDREN for you to need…Parents who NEED you, puppies who wait for you at the door…Whoever it is, whoever you are…YOU Are loved…SO, Dream on!

Digging a Hole Covid 2020 Photo credit:Bego Hualde

People don’t really buy music anymore.Its weird.

Its difficult for me to figure out how to make any income from this, when it coincides with also not being able to play music nightly as a working musician.On the other hand, I am writing more and differently…I am learning how to use technology, instead of fighting against it.

I also am DREAMING big.

I have plans, I have ideas and I have a great crew of people here in Singapore to facilitate.

Someone recently asked how they could financially support me as an artist. Well I will ask for your help in an upcoming video project…But I will tell you more about that in the coming weeks.

in the meantime, please find me on SPOTIFY and relieve me from having to stream my own songs nonstop…Join me, its FUN!

Thank you for your love and support after so many years, and hello to the newcomers!

Love me back,











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