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Photo by: Bego Hualde

Hello friends,


September is almost done.


Then it’s October, which pretty much means it’s December…Which also means its really close to New Years Eve, which then brings us to the doorstep of 2021.WHEW!

We came back from The UK after Christmas last year and settled back into our life in Singapore, and within a few weeks we were already dealing with Covid-19 over in this part of the world…What a crazy time.

I hope you are all doing well, and getting through this?

Hoping you are not missing family too badly and are staying positive…I am very grateful to “The Inter-webs” despite my constant complaining and in spite of Documentaries on Netflix which put some serious fear into you over Social Media and Technology use…At this moment, I’m glad I can send messages to my friends, and send silly pictures where I look like a cat with glasses, or a Mouse with glasses, or an Astronaut…You get my drift.

I just don’t want it to always be like this…I guess that is the part none of us know the answer to.

I can’t help but feel really sad that I cant perform music anymore.I know I should snap out of it and of course I have nothing to complain about…But I feel very sad.

In a way I feel a bit useless. I’ve never felt useless like this before, because I knew I was good at something and could spread some incredible feelings to people. I still am Me, and a Mom and a Wife, but I am missing something. I am working on finding whatever it is I am missing…Maybe I just need a nap.


Photo Credit: Bego Hualde

Though I have these feelings, I am creating a lot of music right now, that I am very proud of.

I am working with some wonderful people and this makes me feel that spark of pride that I always associated with creating music.

This brings me to NOW!

Once again I am back working with someone who creates the track, and I get to add the melodies and the lyrics..I did something like this a few years back with a group called Balligomingo.

I am working with Hangi Tavakoli and his crew at Flipside Productions to create some new music to release into the wild.

I am also going into the studio once a week to work with two other amazing singer/composers to work collectively on writing song demos, either for our own use, or to pitch.

Please look out for SWAN  and Jasmine Chen

We literally sit on the floor, Hangi puts on a beat/track, and we come up with melodies and lyrics..I have never done this, ALWAYS wanted to, but now am very proud to be involved and am really being forced to ‘Up my game’! haaahaa


So, it seems that I will be performing a lot less on FB due to some new rules regarding the use of music in videos,coming up on October 1st…

SO this leads me to why I want you all here and I need your help please.

I will be trying to spruce up my You Tube Channel over the next couple of weeks and I would like your help in clicking on THIS video


if you like the video PLEASE leave a little comment on  The You Tube Page!


This is my last video that I made here in Singapore with the help of an amazing local crew. and with the new coming releases, I plan to make ANOTHER video using the same fabulous crew!

I want to share some love to Le Noir Bar and Lounge and give a massive shout out to their ANYNIGHTIN adventure…This allows you to book a full ‘Night out’ experience in your home, abiding by ALLLLLL the COVID rules!

I want to give some love to people who are helping me create art and helping me keep sane.

First to my husband  Ian Herbison who has been working his ass off to keep his own ‘Original Band’ afloat in these tough times…

Love to Esther at Mom in Balance Singapore for keeping me in top fighting form and from the support of my friends Fillipa, Fiona and Sara who remind me to go to these classes every day, or at least make fun of me when I DON’T go!

Love to Bego Hualde who is teaching me how to lift weights without grunting loudly, falling over, or both..AND for giving me such lovely photos for the last album and video shoot…I’m looking forward to doing it again soon Bego!

Massive love to Jaye and Nicolette Foo for their roles in shooting ‘Building Steam’ and to Marcus Chua for getting the camera angles right and not making me look massive…Lets do this all again very soon…

Last but not least,

Hangi Tavakoli and Adel Norouzi for your incredible work on the upcoming single ‘Nobody’s Listening’- I think there will be a tonne of people listening when this comes out…At least for a few minutes! haaahaaa

So this Blog started of a bit maudlin, but as what normally happens, if you let it all out, you feel so much lighter, and brighter and stronger and back to the age where you dreamed about things you COULD do…


You Tube Playlist Camille Miller


We are all going to be ok.

Love you all,

Love me back.

Camille Miller


















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