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I am just writing to give you all a little bit of an update.Wow, what a crazy 6 months 2020 has given us.Making Music!

I have been living in Singapore with my family for almost a year and a half now, a good 6 months of it in some form of Covid related lockdown or Covid related slowdown…

This has been good for me in some ways. I have enjoyed the time with my Husband and kids. I actually really loved the homeschooling, but am also very grateful that our kids now can go back to school. We all needed it.

As everyone else who is a musician has experienced, live music for me stopped in early march. I quickly carried on with streaming online…Many trials and errors throughout this for sure and a hell of a lot of swearing…But I feel it has mostly been a good experience.

I am truly grateful to the Staff of Le Noir Bar and Lounge who throughout these bad times have kept a sense of spirit continuing with online streaming. I look forward to getting back out there and playing music in front of REAL live people! 

Until this time comes, if you are living in Singapore you can find and book music here:



Every Thursday night from 9Pm Singapore time you can find me online here:


The past 6 months have been even stranger in some ways as I didn’t do any writing..Most of my muso friends were busy creating epic albums or singles or videos…I had FULL ON FOMO most of this time, but every time I looked at my guitar, I got frustrated and /or wanted to nap.

I fully embraced learning new cover tunes, and practicing old cover tunes that I hadn’t played in years…I became a full on Taylor Swift fan, just a hair shy of ordering posters and merch…I might order them for Hannah and try the old  ” If you don’t want them, I GUESS I can take them!”

Last week I met up with my friend and music producer Hangi Tavakoli.


Hangi Tavakoli- Flipside Productions

We had started working on a song together back in February, before all of this crazy stuff got so bad.

I had shown Hangi the song on Acoustic Guitar, and he came up with an INSANE arrangement for me to sing all over…The combination is new for me, and it was all I needed to be freshly inspired and so excited to be back working on music again.


Hangi is working with a bunch of singer/songwriters here in Singapore and he has gathered a great crew together to constantly produce songs. He has a great ethic and heart and is incredibly talented and inspiring.

At the same time as creating a couple of new singles with Hangi, I was asked to write a football chant/song for Sporting Singapore.This also is a new adventure for me, and I am jumping in with both feet…I look for ward to hearing kids chant a song before a match that I helped to create…Hangi has a lot of history of working in this area as well, so he is on board to help create this!  

This is something I would truly be proud of…So I will let you know how it all goes.


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The Life of an Immigrant by Hangi Tavakoli


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