Tic Tok Pop Rock Zooooooooom!

Hello friends!

I hope you are all healthy, safe,and not going TOO mad!

Since I know most of you will be in your homes this coming Saturday, May the 2nd..I would like to invite you to a ZOOM concert with some of my friends here in Singapore!!

Those of you who live on The West Coast, I imagine you will be asleep..Sleep is good, although SOME OF you may be up…I do know quite a few night owls on this mailing list as well as EARLY risers!!


8PM Singapore time come and join ME,Luke Buirski and BE612

Take advantage of this time at home to discover our music:
Camille: Youtube Channel and Instragam @camillemillermusic  
Luke:  Youtube Channel and Instragam @luke_buirski
BE612:  Youtube Channel and Instragam @BE612_music
Stay tuned on the Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/493711198250150
We will post the LINK and PASSWORD for  The ZOOM concert one hour before the show….WOW< this feels like I’m a secret spy or something…
It could be really fun, or a total disaster, which could be fun too!
I look forward to seeing some of you online, and introducing you to some great new music.
Much love, Camille ( In this video, ignore me when I say we are doing a show Thursday…we’ve done that already! haaahaa)

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