If you cant find a home, make one.

Hello friends, 

Thanks so much for coming back here and having a peek.

All is good.

I recently was told  by someone in the ‘Biz’ that musically I don’t fit in anywhere.That I had travelled too far down a ‘nondescript’ road and that I was not Country, not Rock, not Folk, maybe Pop??

He wasn’t trying to criticise, he was trying to help me and it was his observation…But MAN it hurt.

After I got over being hurt and sulky, I got angry. I thought right, if I don’t fit in anywhere,

then I will make my own home, my own genre, my own gigs..


I will be putting on a show in September here in Singapore.

I am renting an amazing space called The Projector Room  and am putting together a classy and funky night…

The room seats 110 people and has a cool tiny bar area and a very big stage for the band!

Starting from the 1997 release ‘Things People See‘, I will perform at least one song from every album or EP up to my latest 2019 release ‘Cover Me‘.

When I wrote the track Cover Me…I was inspired to write about feeling I was having with my own dependance on my smartphone, my increasing use of Social Media, and the amount of time I spent looking into other people’s lives, and fading out of mine…I was also inspired by an article that I had read at the time about the concern for teenage depression mostly due to social media and technology use…

Here in Singapore, there is a fantastic organisation called The Samaritans of Singapore and it has as 24 hour help line for anyone that is going through some tough times and just needs some human contact and an ear to listen…I would like to raise money for this foundation.


I met an absolute lovely artist here. My friend Mishelle Leong

Last month I had the honour to play some music for Mishelle’s first solo art show…I was inspired by her strength and courage to put her Art out there for people to see..It was such a lovely event…When I was thinking of doing this show, I came and sat with her in her room and chatted at her (as I do sometimes) whilst she painted…I spoke about how I would love to have a LIVE painting being created while the band would be performing…I was hoping all along she would be interested, but I also didn’t really ask, incase it got awkward…haaaaahaaa

Anyways, she wrote to me and said YES she would love to create a painting during the show…She immediately filled me with such hope and excitement that now I HAVE to do this show…A LIVE PAINTING…How cool…


The next part of the team for this event is a great Musical Director. I have been working with a lovely Cuban musician by the name of Eddy Fleitas Del Sol. He and his partner Benedicte have a live-looping electronic duo where everything is more or less improvised on the spot…Its very cool…

 When he is not doing that or hosting jams, he gigs with me on Saturdays at Le Noir…We play half covers and originals and have a fantastic time!I have asked him to play keys/trumpet and Sax for this gig, but to also add an electronic music feel to some of the tunes…He can add loops and sequencing on tunes like ‘ Bird on A Rooftop‘ an oldie but goodie and a favourite song in any of my shows (written by Nick Haggar) loops and Sequencing on ‘Neverland’Neverland in NYC Rockwood Music Hall    With Tristan Clark on Guitar!

The overall goal of this show in my mind is to CREATE a musical event with a story…Not only will feet be tapping, but adding such a special visual aspect to this is very personal for me. If I can help raise money by auctioning off some amazing things and experiences, and have NEW listeners find my music then in my mind, its a success….

Thank you Ian for supporting me in all of these crazy adventures…I promise it will be worth it in the end!!!!

Much love and respect to Mishelle Leong who really inspires me as an artist and to my fabulous neighbour and very good friend, Sara Gama who not only motivates me to go to bootcamp classes, but in the same breathe motivates me to do things like this!

I will have more details as this event unfolds and it becomes clearer to me if it CAN be done…But I want to thank you for your support over all of these years…it truly means a lot to me.

Love you all,

Love ME back.







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