Earbuds in, Screens up…Modern Rock n Roll Baby!

Hello my friends,

I wanted just to drop you a line and let you know where you can find me…In an sonic kind of way…


I have noticed lately that some of you just want to LOOK at photos or Memes…That’s cool…I get it…You can do that here:


I just recently played an open Mic night…It was as usual, nerve wracking, but rewarding…The thing I have noticed with ‘The Young Kids’- Is during a live music performance of almost any kind, they strangely prefer to sit and watch you through the phone…I am pretty sure actually they are watching another video of some sort, but I like to believe that even though they have headphones in, and have the phone pointed near me, and they appear to be very studious, I am HOPING that at some point they are watching or listening to some of what is going on….Haaahaaaaa, No seriously….Its not that bad…But,( for real now…) I was playing a new song and I have not performed it live much (Cover Me), and someone with headphone jammed in both ears yelled out ” I love that song, who is it by?”…( I love moments like this…) SO I yelled back ” Me”- and he said ” No really, who is it by?”, and again, I said ” Me”- Then he asked if I had any socials (to which I responded, “Tonnes, even MYSpace”)- I told him to look for me on Spotify…Then SERIOUSLY, 10 YOUTHS and a guy my age, clicked on their phones and stuck in their earbuds, and that was it…

I continued to play for another 20 minutes, everyone was bobbing away to Spotify ( Hopefully me..) and that was that…BUT I had a blast and all of those people found me on Instagram and Spotify…There was even a guy who was going to look for me on MYSPace, because he TOO still has an account!

Modern Rock n Roll Baby


If you want to SEE and HEAR some of these tunes, you can do both here:

This playlist features a bunch of Videos from over the years starting WAAAAAAAAAAAAY back to The track ‘I Always Will’ which was off of the She Knows album from 2002- Ending up with ‘Building Steam’ from The EP Cover Me which I released this year!

Love you all,

Love me back,



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