Remastered and Digital- 22 years later…

In the year 1997 I was living in Nanaimo B.C on Vancouver Island in Canada.

I was working and touring with the band Dr.Tongue, and when not playing music I was working at Thrifty’s grocery store as a cashier as well as ,The Bagel shop and at Smitty’s Restaurant as a waitress…- The usual!

I also recorded a 10 song album, which I only ever released a few copies of. At the time, I didn’t have the cash to put it out properly and it went under the radar pretty quickly and I moved on.

Last month I was going through some old CDs and noticed one that had some familiar handwriting on the top. I was lucky to find a CD rom with 10 WAV files from this album in ’97.

I sent the files back to Rick Salt in Nanaimo who was the original Producer and co-writer with me. He ran the wav files through a bunch of mastering programs and sent it back to me, to release unto the world-wide webs.

Things People See is an album made up of a lot of songs from my late teens into my very young adulthood…Stories of frustration, love,rejection,pain,and incredible happiness…A good rounded emotional rollercoaster if you ask me.

These songs were recorded to tape and we literally had to cut and paste tape if there was a mistake…I had probably my first and only ever engineering credit as I spent quite a bit of time running the faders for mixes and helping to record Rick while he played his guitar parts…This album means so much to me, and I find re-hearing it again after so many years very moving.

Im grateful for all the experiences in my life…even the shitty ones!

I wish I was back in Nanaimo right now, so I could give all of these friends a big hug for making this album so long ago:

Rick Salt (Guitar,Co-writer,Producer,Green Glasses,Maniacal laughter)

Marc Robichaud, (Guitar,Guy who taught me how to shuffle on guitar, and songwriter guru!)

Joel Spillette (Beautiful keys of all sorts on this album and many of the projects Ive done over the years)

David Gogo (Guitars,Potty Humour and road stories)

Murray Creed (Drums + half of the rhythm section from Fine Tooth Combine from my first musical days in Victoria)

Eric Cormier (Bass +other half of Fine Tooth Combine Rhythm section)


Please enjoy and share the music. Add me to your SPOTIFY playlists- Sharing my music through Spotify is a massive way to support to me and I am very grateful to know I might be singing to you wherever in the world you may be.

Much love,


Things People See


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