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Artist Credit: Nicholas Darby

Photo Credit: Bego HualdeCover Me, is my 8th studio recording.

It is a 5 song Ep, written, recorded and produced while I was living in The US from mid 2017-late 2018

This EP and collection of songs will always mean a lot to me as it signifies the 18 months we lived in Bethesda, MD. It reminds me of the beautiful friendship I have with the DC band Color School. It reminds me of the album I was lucky enough to record with them called ‘Close enough to Fix’- The studio where I recorded this album with Color School is the same studio I would go on to record this EP. Thank you Jerry Herg, Bill Kalish and Paul Hyland. It was an honour to be in your band.

The 5 song EP was recorded and produced by Jim Ebert at Cue Studios.
Meeting Jim Ebert whilst recording with Color School was a game changer.
Another blessing was being able to bring Jon Steele on bass and Canadian Guitarist Tristan Clark, together to make this EP.
Jon and I had been working as a duo for about a year playing in DC…I was thrilled he agreed to play on the songs EVEN THOUGH there was no jazz in sight!!!! Tristan and I have known each other for eons, and it was a fantastic fluke that we were in The US, on the same coast at the same time…To have such a great player, writer and music producer in his own right, perform on the EP really made the whole process feel cozy! Andy Hamburger the drummer, was Jim’s suggestion…What a fantastic suggestion THAT was…Thank you Andy, sorry I didn’t get to hang around longer and gig with you!
This EP also reminds me of the great friends we made in Bethesda, who we will never forget, and of course I will never forget the time in ‘Mommy’s Little Helper Band’ AKA ‘MOM BAND’….

I am very touched to finally have this EP out in the world.

The songs are all very special to me, and speak about many emotions and experiences ranging from trying to wrap my head around Smartphones and the emotional pull they have on us, through to the massive lump in my heart when I think about struggles our children may go through...Its not all doom and gloom though…Building Steam is a song I wrote to ‘give myself shit’ for being fearful of continuing with music, touring,creating…Feeling like I was too old, too out of it, not legit…etc etc…Living The Dream came to me whilst Ironing my husband’s shirts, watching really bad daytime TV and speaking on the phone to a good friend.

Im grateful to a few lovely reviews so far and thrilled for the adds to Spotify playlists…All of this helps spread the music around, and with the amount of amazing music out there, I NEED the help!

A massive shout out to Le Noir Bar and Restaurant where I have been performing regularly for the last few months…I split my gigs between Le Noir at Marina Bay Sands and Le Noir at Clark Quay…I am surrounded by great staff and amazing musicians. Its been great getting to perform my original music and a mixture of fun covers…

Another massive shout out to all the people involved with One Jam Productions who provide many different rooms for musicians to come and jam or show off their original music..I have run into some great acts here and I love being a part of a scene so full of excited musicians…Thank you to Max Bash and Lynn Dressel and to the ALWAYS inspiring Rory Brendon Barker

Photo Credit: Bego HualdeSo many bands…


Here is the Video that was produced here in Singapore this past July for the single Building Steam.

I need to give a full shout out of love to the many people who supported this happening:

Directed and Edited by Marcus Chua Shot and Coloured by Dean Luah

Produced by The Music Parlour

Make-Up By Nicholette Pang

Special Thanks to : Le Noir Bar and Lounge and to Mark and Kelly Brimblecombe Marina Bay Sands Sunny Kim Studio The Eclectic Studio and Ryana Yusoff Singapore Pro Wrestling RockStar Wrestlers: Marie ‘ALEXIS’ Lee and THERESA Gan RockStar Dancer: SOO JIN RockStar Band T-Shirt- The Actual Goners ( Toronto, Canada)


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