Flirting with Sobriety and other Grown-Up musings

Hello my friends,
Coinciding with my need for reading glasses, has come the need in my life to be incredibly present whenever I possibly can…This has meant many deep thoughts about lots of things and the occasional Beer cleanse…The cleanses get longer and my thoughts get deeper.
I am so grateful and in love with my little family unit, that the importance of helping with homework, and doing ‘fun’ things on the weekend to amuse the smaller people in the household has slowly but steadily taken over my desire to be hungover…The importance of not feeling crappy or regretful is much bigger than the desire to ‘rebel’.
This is a song I wrote on one of those magical Beer cleanses…It just came to me while walking…It’s like a ‘Drinking song to quit Drinking to’-
I would like to record it soon, maybe once back in Canada at some point with my lovely musical buddies whom I have spent so many years making music with and drinking beer with as well.
I have not quit drinking.I just really do it less often.I also know that this news is of no real importance in the world, but this is the kind of stuff that makes me write songs. I thought I would share it…Its not pretty, its very raw..But it’s honest.
I know everyone has their own things to deal with…I just noticed that at my age, lots of people have these thoughts and these urges to clean up and change habits…So that is what this song is for me…

If you like it, please let me know…If you can relate..Let me know!

We are all in some form of relationship with Sobriety, whether is be flirting, going steady, married or even divorced from…haaahaaaa

Much love,


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