Cover Me Ep

Artist Credit: Nicholas Darby


Hello family, friends, fans and random people who don’t know how they got here.

You have stumbled across my Website.

This is where I give you the occasional update on my musical happenings…

Well we have been here in Singapore for 5 months. Our kids are loving their fabulously funky little school and even though we arrived here to a lot of uncertainty, things are really starting to feel almost NORMAL!

I have met some wonderful musicians and event organisers here already…Ironically, I am playing more now than I have in a long time and it feels amazing.- Every gig I have I am grateful for and it feels nice to be a musician at this time in my life where I am so much calmer(tired),more patient(older and slow moving)and feel I am stronger in my singing(years of yelling at the kids…).I will take it as long as it keeps coming my way that is for sure. More Bass…Always

Before moving from The US to Singapore, I had the chance to record a little EP at Cue Studios with Jim Ebert.Clap Time

I will release this album online to purchase on the 27th of June!!– A little update on the Album release.. Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon,Google


Once again Album Artwork by The Fabulous Nicholas Darby.

This is just a rough draft of the album Artwork, You can see Nick’s artwork here…He loves flowers and for this album is covering the front with ‘Wild Canadian’ flowers…I love it!

Featuring Tristan Clark on Guitar,Jon Steele on Bass, Andy Hamburger on Drums


Jim Ebert on Synths and various other things, ME on Acoustic and vox…

…”now I’m going to be a Dick”

The first single I will release ( Gawd, listen to me…LIKE I’ve released a single before..I am saying it like I do it ALL of the time…LORD”) will be Building Steam.


I will be working with a funky guy here named Marcus Chua.

Marcus is one of 3 guys that own and operate The Music Parlour  here in Singapore. He comes from a background in Television and does all of the videos that go through the Music Parlour.- One of the main videos that led me to him is this parody rap video by Jaye Foo- He goes under the name AZN SENSATION

I love this video, and really like Marcus’ sense of humour…

Building Steam is a song I wrote, while trying to convince myself to keep going and stay positive with my own musical endeavours….I think anyone can relate to this, NOT just 40 something musicians!!! haaahaaaa

In the video,we will follow an up and coming dancer and also see into the life of an up and coming pro wrestler. The video will tell the story of the ups and downs, but how perseverance wins in the end…


Im thrilled to meet K-pop dancer Su Jin from Sunny Kim Studios   and also Marie Lee from SPW

In the end, we all get to meet at Le Noir where I will do my best to ROCK Out!!

I think its going to be fun…

Speak soon my friends,

I will let you all know when the EP is up and ready, and I can’t wait to share it with everyone..

Love you all,

Love me back.


Rocking with my buddy Tristan Clark…


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