Valentines Day in Singapore

Hello my friends,

Chines New Year 2019

Wow, its been ages since I have tried to write here.

I come to this BLOG every few days and sit down with the intent to say something meaningful, positive and exciting…But that is a scary responsibility, and I admit to often just getting angry, shutting down the laptop and continue doing the mundane things that I like to do when Im feeling nervous or unsure or unfocussed.


Cleaning the house is ONE of my favourite pastimes. I know its a necessary one, but I FREAKIN’ LOVE cleaning…It’s an embarrassing thing to admit these days….Give me a Spotify playlist of Franz Ferdinand, The Killers, The Arctic Monkeys, Strokes, and the Kaiser Chiefs, a FRESH bottle of floor cleaner, a new Mop and solitude…

All this is true Except for when it HAS to be done or when I am under time restraints, or if there are kids around, OR if someone messes it up again, OR if anyone else is in the house…OR if I have something else to do….You get where I am going with this? It’s a cathartic thing for me…. My brain gets a chance to think about all the things I want to do, and how I will go about doing them…If the house is clean, ALL the things are possible…


Mohamed Alif Hanif, Dilly Del, Me and Hangi Tavakoli LOVELY peeps!

A welcoming visit from The Chamberlains- Dinner at one of Singapore’s famous Hawker centers

We recently moved to Singapore.

Our kids have found a fantastic school and after three weeks, they are seeming happy,excited and full of that energy that comes when you have a TONNE of great things to do… My husband is loving his work and doing what he does best, finding business…seeking it out- We have been in this position before, starting from scratch and there is a bit of an excitement all around..A feeling like MAYBE you just might ‘Strike Gold’ or not…haaahaa, the fun part is trying to get there!


Hangi Tavakoli- Flipside Productions and Marketing

I struck a bit of gold myself and met some lovely and helpful musicians online through FB (Of course!)- they in turn directed me to contact Hangi Tavakoli.

Hangi invited me to perform here at  The Annual Sing For Kindness Carnival…I believe they have been running it for 35 years…I was personally introduced to Uncle Ringo himself…A very lovely, smiling ( Everybody smiles here, like ALL THE TIME…Weird, but nice!) gentle-man. I am doing my last night of performances tonight along with Hangi Tavakoli, Lawrence Chen,Lala and Jess- C at The big field outside of Beauty World MRT. You can find it here!

I will be speaking with a company that may be able to give me some support and guidance in releasing a new 5 song EP.

I recorded this album with Jim Ebert at Cue Recording studios just before moving from The US. It will always be a very special EP as it involves some great musical friends and also is the studio that I recorded Color School’s album Close Enough To Fix. I will always have wonderful memories of the creating of this EP, so releasing it is VERY VERY important to me…I have to do it right!

The Ep has been mastered by Brad Blackwood from Euphonic Mastering…Produced and Mixed by Jim Ebert…Guitarist Tristan Clark is all over it along with Jon Steele on bass and DC legendary drummer and WONDERFUL guy Andy Hamburger

I made a little temporary video for one of my new songs

I am going to be releasing a new EP with the same title.


Thanks for being here and for clicking on these updates. As I grow older, I am still honoured to make music and inspired every day to grow as a writer. I need your support and I appreciate every bit of it.


Camille xxx



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