Humbled by strength in small packages.

Hello Guys…

I had an incredible experience yesterday.

I was asked by my good friend Catherine (whom I sing with here in Bethesda with my ‘Mommy Band’ – Mommy’s Little Helper) if I would like to come with her and sing at The Children’s Hospital.

Not only is this Children’s Hospital rated top 5 in the US, but it has onsite 1 of  the 10 SEACREST STUDIOS that were established by The Ryan Seacrest Foundation  (I admit, before moving here, I only knew him from America’s Got Talent…RIGHT????)



I thought I would be singing for some very very  brave kids. I was nervous enough with that and was trying to get my shit together in the car before entering the hospital… I walked in and got my pass, and was directed to one of the most beautiful and inspiring places I have ever been inside.

I was instantly met by Kristen Wood, who looked after me and explained about the Hospital…She has been there for three years and is constantly working on projects that allow the kids in the hospital to have some fun and feel they have a safe place where they have options and can make some choices.

Kirsten brought me in, and I met Morgan Hall and Nicole Mondshein. They are the two Media Specialists at the Hospital and they both love making these kids happy…Seacrest Studios broadcasts a TV station throughout the hospital that is aired to every single kids room..The children have the choice to come down and be in the studio when there is music, or shows…Sometimes the kids are too sick to come downstairs, so they have a phone in there room, and at any time can ‘call in’ to the radio/TV show, and be part of the show.

for 30 minutes, Catherine and I played some music, we joked, (I definitely told some bad and very lame jokes…VERY lame) Morgan interviewed us as we talked about the power of music and working together in a band…I tried to get some callers to heckle us…MAYBE next time- I will definitely be a regular there…

After we played our set,the reason we were there became clear to me.6 girls and 1 amazing Boy ( Yeah Zane!!) are working together with their families and a whole bunch of other great and powerful people on a Campaign to  Cure Paediatric Cancer with out Chemo.



I listened to the stories of these children, who were all either in remission, or who had lost a very young sibling to cancer. To hear their stories and sit with their parents and families broke my heart into so many pieces and was slowly put back together by the strength and positive energy these kids have.




Thank you Catherine, for bringing me in, and introducing me to some amazing people.




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