It’s All About Love

Hey Friends and Peeps,

This past Friday night, I had the chance to go with Ian and a bunch of great friends, to see the one and ONLY Maceo Parker on his #itallaboutlove tour. To say I was blown away, is an understatement. We saw him at the legendary Hamilton in D.C.

One of things I was most touched by, was the amount of kids and teenagers at the show. I spoke to a couple of young kids that were Sax players, or bass players…Being in the audience for something magical like this, made me think that if we have MORE concerts, More kids in Music programs and Art programs, this world is going to be ok!.

After that small Monday morning deep thought, I can only follow it up with an embarrassing/Awkward moment that can only happen to me…


So a couple of hours after the show, after we had gone upstairs and danced to The Holly Montgomery trio, who BTW ROCKED!!! (I am pretty sure I yelled my appreciation at fairly close range…Cant take me anywhere)- We were waiting for our taxi to take us home to our babysitters and sleeping kids…I see a taxi drive by with the BG singer from The Maceo Parker Band –Darlene Parker.

Of course, I run up to the window and proceed to tell her how awesome she was, and how she STOLE the show, by being SUCH a great BG singer…Only letting it RIIIIIP when it was her solo…Blustering away at a mile a minute, when the back window of the taxi slowly roles down, and in the back seat is Maceo Parker….I immediately tell him how awesome he was and slide back to the curb with my friends…It like those scenes in movies where someone yells something really embarrassing at the exact moment everyone else in the room becomes quiet….This kind of thing happens to me ALL of the time….ALL of the time.


Anyways, Much love to you all…

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