Our family has now been living in the US of A for 4 months already…It feels like it has been absolutely ages, but in reality, just a short time…our kids are settling into their new school, the new school system and  ‘um novo jeito’.

Thanksgiving is a MASSIVE deal here in The US…I remember it being a big deal in Canada, but not quite the same as here…Maybe it’s the fact that this is a holiday everybody can share.With the current political climate something we can ‘all share’, seems like a great idea to me!!!Doesn’t matter what your religion is, it also doesn’t require buying a mass of presents, which is always a bonus…It just requires you to eat a lot of yummy food, share it with your friends and neighbours and think about all the things you are grateful for.- The eating a lot of yummy food works better if you are a really good cook…I unfortunately am a cook by necessity…The kind of cook who makes food so that the children in the family don’t get taken away from us…haaahaaa

Things I am Thankful for:

My husband and our children.Sometimes I love them all so much I want to implode. I want to squish them, and keep them all to myself. Other times however,You know how it is.

 My parents and Ian’s parents and GRANDPARENTS in general…All of the cool things they do and all of the love they have.

 Health and even more so, the health of our kids.Oh my new found love of riding on a bicycle…Even more than this, I am grateful I am in my forties and don’t give a flying F-word if I look like a total loser in my skirt,tights and MASSIVE helmet…This is probably why I didn’t ride a bike from the age of 18 until now…I also am usually surrounded by flailing children on their bikes, and I am ALWAYS yelling at someone.

Friends…Where would we be without our friends…

There are so many things I am Thankful for, I was trying to make a list and add some humour to it, but its quickly turning into something really soppy- NEVER good to be soppy on the World Wide Webs…So I shall move on.

I recently played an amazing show in Florida on Anna Maria Island. I was able to bring over some fantastic friends to create music with as well as meeting NEW music buddies who I hope to get to work with again….

This gig has led to the BRILLIANT idea of combining three singer/songwriters to book a week of shows on Vancouver Island this August. I will be performing with Lindsay Martell  and the lovely Tina Jones 

We are toying with cool names for this line-up so far MJM Grand is my absolute favourite!- Duncan’s infamous Longevity John of The Duncan Showroom will be hosting us for night at the theatre as well as a show for The 39days of July festival…We are hoping to make some SWEET music at Sonia’s Nanaimo Bar as well as a few other venues on the Island and maybe mainland…I will keep y’all updated! wahooooooooooooomooooo




Saturday Dec 2nd – Solo show featuring songs from ‘Fight or Flight’

If you are in the DC area (I have ALWAYS WANTED TO SAY THAT..)

I have been invited to perform at a very cool Art collective in DC called VIADUCT on Saturday the 2nd of December.

It all came about after performing with Bill Crandall at The Electric Maid  – Ive been asked to play songs I wouldn’t normally play, and to delve into the writing process…Well this idea scares the crap out of me…I was also asked to not entertain anyone.. I usually rely on the fact I can throw in a few songs everyone loves and knows…tell a few bad jokes and usually this works for me…I have to ‘up my game’ this week and prepare to NOT go on auto pilot!


Saturday Jan 6th– performing with Mommy’s Little Helper  @ The Barking Dog Bethesda MD

I love playing with these ladies!- This band along with some of the youth bands from Bach To Rock Bethesda and in support with Ryan Seacrest Studios will be raising money for the Children’s Hospital Foundation- more info COMING SOOOOOOON!

We are playing 8pm-11pm

Youth bands start at 4pm onwards!



Thursday Jan.18th – two sets at Gypsy Sally’s  Vinyl Lounge  with Bassist Jon Steele 

 2 Sets of music:  

First Set 730-830, Second Set 9-945 there is no cover, and the band gets paid by your GRACIOUS tips…So I expect all of my friends to come with heavy pockets!!!







Saturday Feb 10th- performing with Color School @ The Damascus Cafe

Longtime band buddies Jerry Hergenreder and Ball Kalish have been working together inbands foreons…They were in the DC GOGO scene in the 80’s and have always loved a good POP song- Jerry’s songwriting is SO awesome…I get to sing his songs in this band and play guitar, so I am a happy girl! Check them out here  With new addition Paul Hyland on bass, its another really fun band for me!!


Thank you to Paulo Pires for the time and care he put into making this documentary…Not many people get to have a FREAKIN’ DOCUMENTARY!!!!

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