Empty Nest-ish


Day 1.

The kids are safely off to school…At this point, I have finished all of the house cleaning, ( all that is in my mind deemed ‘necessary’) done a FB Quality control check, and am contemplating running a marathon…I just need to find my running shoes…Maybe I will just go for a fast walk…I don’t want to over do it.

So another thing on my schedule for the next 2.5 hours is to plan what I am going to do for the rest of my life.


Like my desire to run a marathon, I also carry a life-long desire to be a RockStar, or at least sleep in like one…Still not sure if EITHER is ever going to happen, since I usually and up falling when I run, and age-ing as I Rock….But nonetheless I shall endeavor!

Don’t mind me…Just a little product placement over here…


In the meantime, BETHESDA- Join me tonight at Villain and Saint from 7pm- I am determined to play there regularly because its SUCH A GREAT venue and has awesome sounds…Also happens to be a few minutes from our house…They have an Open Mic night there tonight, so I will head down early to beat the mad rush! heeeheeee

This little clip is a fraction of a very cool Documentary about The Making of FIGHT OR FLIGHT and The Brazilian Musicians who were a part of it!!- Directed and Edited by Paulo Pires

I had a lovely time this past weekend singing with The DC Pop act  Color School

…These guys were fun and have addicively-Pop-y Tunes that I fully enjoyed learning…Colletively these guys have played together for 25 years, and educated me on The ‘D.C Go-Go Music Scene‘- which I had never heard of, and wished I had earlier…Sounds like an amazing cross of Funk/Soul and Dance music, very unique to The DC scene…


I also learned 3 new CRAZY chords…haaahaaaa. (I sound like Phoebe from Friends on the episode where she asked Chrissie Hynde if she knew how to play ‘ALL of the chords’)

Im leaving you with a version of Smelly Cat…

Much love,

Camille xxxxx



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