Maryland or Bust

Its been a while since I had anything to say…I mean, really I have TONNES of shit to say, but none of it very interesting. We finally managed to leave Sao Paulo on Thursday of last week, and had a very painless transition off to Dulles International Airport in Washington DC.

The amount of tears I cried in the last week of leaving was enough to sink a rowboat…I have no interest in even THINKING about crying until I start watching cute Christmas movies.

We LOVE our new home, we LOVE our new street and all of the families we have already met…

It going to take a while to convince Sam that it’s NOT cool to sit on the curb, staring at the house across the street, waiting for any signs of life of the kids that live in that house across the street…also explaining to our kids that everyone eats dinner at 5pm, is also not going over so well….But its only been a few days.

We were introduced to some fabulous music Saturday night at a place called Villain and Saint in Bethesda…Thank you Catherine Zimmermann for making us feel welcome and introducing us around and Thank you to Stella and her band Kentucky Avenue...It’s going to be an amazing town to make music in!

Much love,



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