New Songs, New Country, Old Friends

To say I wasn’t affected by the sudden and COMPLETELY unexpected death of Chris Cornell, would be an understatement…

I have never met the guy, never was going to meet the guy, but somehow was inspired and moved by the music he created through out my youth. I was also inspired as a ’40 something Mom/Rocker/Singer-Songwriter/person trying to figure stuff out’ by Cornell in all he was doing in his ADULT life. I felt inspiration and a re-love of all I was doing, knowing that there was STILL so much for me to learn and create.

I still feel this way. But I am sad to know HOW much sadness we all sometimes have, and how easy it is, to not make it.

I think back to friends over the years in the music business that have gone a similar way, and I always felt the same way…It could have easily been anyone of us…

Sometimes the funk just gets too heavy.

Im grateful to my family. My husband, my kids, my parents, my in-laws, to new friends and to very old friends. and promise myself to GIIIIIIIIIV’r…even on those days when its hard to get out of bed…We all have it.

When I wrote this song, I was thinking about all of this.. It was also raining outside, which doesn’t help!!!

YouTubePlaylist– I HAVE ONE!!!

You can sit for hours and listen/watch NON-STOP, NON-HITS from ME!!!

Show at Centro Cultural Rio Verde

Well last month I had the chance of a lifetime to play at show at one of Sao Paulo’s funkiest and notorious venues The Centro Cultural Rio Verde. This little jazzy video is just SECONDS of what will be a VERY cool video coming out in the next couple of week by NONE only than Paulo Pires from Tema&Co Marketing here in Sao Paulo.

I was extremely grateful for the advertisement and link in Brazil’s ROLLING STONE magazine F**ing ROLLING STONE!!!

As usual, it was fantastic to see new faces bopping along to my music, and from what I could tell ‘lip-syncing and air-guitaring’ like they wrote the stuff!

A little Bit of ‘Guilty Birds’