Tank to Tapestry

‘The Tank’ was my high school nickname.
This nickname for me was born out of observing me walk down the street…I think it came from one of my longest and dearest friends…But as you can imagine, it summons up an image.

I remember sitting in a restaurant in Victoria, BC, Canada…I was in my mid 20’s, was either just about to play a show at Harpo’s or had just finished…I can’t remember the details…Our waiter that evening was a guy I had gone to Highschool with. After serving us, having many laughs, he embarrassingly replayed a story that was one of the more humiliating experiences in his young life. It was the sound of me running up behind him on the Soccer pitch, tackling him, mowing him down to score a TRY- I was one of the three girls in our grade 10 year who didn’t quite fit into the Gymnastics segment of P.E., and so was sent out to play rugby with the boys.- Apparently, I was quite good.

After this, I had a short stint in The Canadian Naval Reserves. This following 10 years a Sea Cadet. I obtained rank of CPO1- and did not have to do basic training once enrolled in reserves…Good in some ways, but REALLY bad in helping me bond or fit in with my division…

Enrolled in University to take a ‘Plumbers degree’- but failed in the math requirements…So that was out for me

I was THE ‘Cooler-Cleaning-Girl’ for Canadian Springs Water company in the late 90’s, driving around in my own van, delivering some of those massive bottles of water. and basically maintaining companies water coolers…I had an AMAZING pair of Blue Overalls, my own tool kit and Gumboots….Still to this day THE MOST MONEY I have ever made…- When I wasn’t pulled over napping, I was pretty awesome at it…

Melina Harris- Designer
Me- Trying to look Natural…

Despite some of these great ‘almost’ career choices, I chose musician.

I am thrilled to have experienced a very IRONIC gig as of late…Here in Sao Paulo, I was invited to perform songs from our new album ‘Fight or Flight ‘ during a fashion show for Mares & Guia.
This showcase was introducing the new fashion line HAMEL- By Melina Harris

This was not anything that I thought I would ever be a part of, but am grateful for the small look into ‘The Fashion World’-  Dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhling- They all looked MARvelous!

So, from TANK to TAPESTRY…One never knows whats around the corner!