How hard can it be? Right!

I’m a couple of weeks away from heading on a little tiny baby tour throughout parts of the Uk.Three parts mainly, but that is besides the point.
I have bought train tickets.I have rented a London Hotel/B+B-very cheap,close to Paddington Station and FAIRLY well rated by some people on TripAdvisor. My idea of a fairly good rating is 1) nothing was stolen 2) clean toilets 3) one’s OWN toilet 4) safety….Safety First!
There were lots of complaints, but nothing I really care about. I mean if you are by yourself, who CARES if you can hear people talking in the next room. Maybe they will have a good conversation, and be open to you joining in through the ‘paper-thin walls’-What if you get stuck in your room, and can’t get out. Being able to YELL for safety to your neighbours could be a good thing.This place also includes breakfast,which as described by one recent guest was “As decent as one could hope for, considering the price paid.”
I will be travelling without my kids, so I am thinking-HOW HARD CAN IT BE? Right? Well, I already miss them. I’ve been hugging to long as of late, kissing my embarrassed son in public, HARDLY even yelling at them in the morning…All because I know I am about to miss the CRAP out of them. If someone reads this to them, sorry about saying ‘crap’ so much. I know how much Daddy cringes it when I blatantly throw around such Canadian sayings. I can’t help it. Saying that is better ‘than a kick in the arse with a frozen mukluk’
There is one leg of my mini-tour that is requiring me to have to rent a car and drive. A few problems already exist, besides the ones I have not yet worried about.
1) My Drivers licence expires the end of Feb, and I had to hand in my physical licence with my picture on it. In return, I was given a temporary one. A yellow piece of paper that SAYS I am allowed to drive. I also received cheerful optimism from the lovely ladies at DMV in Canada, that its a legal document and should provide NO problems with me getting a car rental…We will see!
2) They Drive on THE OTHER side of the road!!! On purpose! Really fast, all while drinking tea and generally being cheerful.
3) I have to rent a car, because the last three places I am playing at it appears you can’t get there by bus. Or at least the times that I NEED to be at these places, are not times when a bus/coach or train are hanging around!
4) You can generally only rent manual cars…Standards.
How hard can it be? Right?
Love you all Love me back.
Camille Miller