Building Steam…

Fight or Flight Camille Miller
So many amazing new shows coming up over the next few months, that I start to get lightheaded thinking about it…Songwriting is flowing and building up pressure just like a Steam Engine…

I am ready to POP…EXPLODE….All in a very good way!
I am focussed, energized,happy and intrigued.
I am in love.
I am grateful.
This amazing new album, that I had the chance to record here in Sao Paulo, is finally up and available to Pre-Order on all of your usual sites…( Amazon MP3  iTunes CDBaby )

Fight or Flight was recorded here in Sao Paulo Brazil during the months of May and June 2016. Produced by Caetano Malta, who has worked with manyof Sao Paulo’s alternative artists  Lucas SanttanaGuizado MoMo and more..

The list of musicians that make up this recording, opened my eyes to the diverse independent Brazilian scene in more than one way…I also got to be a part of their tight knit humour, their LOVE of eating LUNCH and their addictive general happiness…Its all rubs off and I hope you hear some of this in the music.
Thank you to Caetano Malta of Bambini Studios and Bruno Buarque of Minduca Studios and to my family for their undeniable support…There is noway on earth I could still be playing music without their support…I PROMISE ONE DAY….ONE DAY…I will make some money at this….It may not be until I record that Blues Covers album, but nonetheless, ONE day it will happen… ( Thank you to Corrie Dark who took these photos, while visiting us from New Zealand!!!!)

Caetano Malta
Bruno Buarque
Design by: Nicholas Darby

Camille Miller – voz e violão 

Caetano Malta – guitarra,  violão, baixo, teclas – faixas 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10
Bruno Buarque – gravação, mix – bateria – faixas 2,3,7,8,11
Regis Damasceno – baixo, violão – faixa 4,5,6,9
Richard Ribeiro – bateria – faixa 4,5,6,9
Klaus Sena – baixo – faixa 2, 7
Ed trombone – faixa 2,4,6,7,11
Rafael Ferrari – steel drums – faixa 6
Lucas Santanna – flauta e synth – faixa 10

Lenis Rino – engenheiro de som – percussão – faixa 11

TOUR SCHEDULE– always being updated!!!

New Song…..Feeling inspired, positive,scared shitless and on the move!