2 steps back, 1 step forward…

Carol Bastos - Camille Miller

Hey everyone!!!
It’s been a longtime since I have written here…I also find that I say this a lot!- I need to change my life patterns I think…
I had launched a Pledge Music Campaign and it was coming to an end this week. Unfortunately, even at 73% raised, I knew I wouldn’t make the rest of the goal by the 21st of this month. I have cancelled it.
I was very impressed by all of the help from the wonderful people at Pledge Music, and also impressed with all of you who were willing and able to pre-order my new album Fight or Flight…
Sometimes you just gotta quit when you are ahead! (I wish I could put this phrase to use in ALL aspects of my life…lol)
I am very very excited though to have completed the album.
After sending links of the finished tracks to Rick Salt (Producer of pretty much most of my previous albums) and Nick Haggar (writing partner for most of my previous albums and 2 of the songs on this new album); having their positive feedback has been a great energy booster for me.
Caetano Malta has sent the new album to his Brazilian publicist here in Sao Paulo. She has confirmed that she too loves the album, and has sent it off to a couple of trusted journalists. We need to see if they think it’s worth trying to release and independent recording with an English singer here in Sao Paulo…NEVER A DULL MOMENT!
‘Onwards and Upwards’ as a good friend has said to me many times.
For all of you who had pledged for an album or T-shirt, Vinyl or Stickers, Handwritten letter, or SKYPE concert…I will STILL be able to do all of that for you…Check back here as I perk up this website and move my ancient body into this century of Online Shopping ability!!!.
Much Love,
Camille Miller