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“Camille Miller sounds like the missing link between Hunky Dory era Bowie and Blur with a guitar sound straight out of the Elastica play book”

– More About The Devil

“Miller masterfully balances the angst rock temperament of the 90’s with a shimmering, melodic undertone…Akin to great songwriters like Phair and Hatfield, Miller is lyrically smart and provoking”

– More About The Devil

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Fight or Flight Camille Miller

Fight Or Flight

Parallel To The Sea

Somewhere Near The Truth

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The one thing I’d like to give tribute to is to the musicians that I play with.


Every country that I move to, and every time I come to a new place, there is a process for me that is MASSIVE…It’s starting over again. Its painful, and sometimes takes months…But I always find good people.


ONCE I FIND THEM…I am never letting go!”

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