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“Singer-songwriter Camille Miller’s recently released the standout single “Building Steam”, if you’re looking for a stark reminder of what it’s like to immerse yourself in pure soulful aural catharsis, look no further.

While there are some impressive harmonic stretches which could put her vocals in the same league as the likes of Stevie Nicks, the real appeal in Camille Miller’s distinctive sound is the magnetic accessibility.”

– AnR

“From the Rolling Stones, to The Carpenters, to Aretha Franklin, Miller’s music has always shared roots with the classics of modern pop sensibility, while also extending her emotional range with every iteration…Cover Me represents yet another stylistic shift, this time towards the core of her artistic temperament: the nexus between BB King and Bonnie Raitt and delivers a powerful mid-tempo rock message about how deeply we all need each other.”

– chillfltr

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The one thing I’d like to give tribute to is to the musicians that I play with.


Every country that I move to, and every time I come to a new place, there is a process for me that is MASSIVE…It’s starting over again. Its painful, and sometimes takes months…But I always find good people.


ONCE I FIND THEM…I am never letting go!”

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